Wirtshaus in der Au - Bier und Knödel seit 1901
Wirtshaus in der Au - Bier und Knödel seit 1901

Bier und Knödel seit 1901

Lilienstr. 51 81669 München

Telefon. +49-(0)89. 448 14 00
Telefax. +49-(0)89. 448 24 00

Email. info@wirtshausinderau.de
Internet. www.wirtshausinderau.de

“Enjoy your meal” 

“Bread dumpling, bread dumplings or roles dumplings?”

The German expression “Semmelknödel” - or is it “Semmelnknödel” or “Semmelnknödeln” singular or plural or both? - ... has been the topic of debates for ages. Even the local comedian and actor “Karl Valentin”, who was born in the town area “Au”, used to ask himself this particular, philosophical, question.

Leaving philosophy aside, one thing is for sure “Wirtshaus in der Au” does serve Munich’s biggest dumplings. But not only our dumplings, which are served in the most various ways of dumpling cuisine, but also meals such as our goat cheese salad, the ravioli, our roast pork and dug or our heavenly creamy chocolate mousse became real “Wirtshaus” classics.

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