Wirtshaus in der Au - Bier und Knödel seit 1901
Wirtshaus in der Au - Bier und Knödel seit 1901

Bier und Knödel seit 1901

Lilienstr. 51 81669 München

Telefon. +49-(0)89. 448 14 00
Telefax. +49-(0)89. 448 24 00

Email. info@wirtshausinderau.de
Internet. www.wirtshausinderau.de


Not only since yesterday, but for several years we have been trying to operate our Wirtshaus ecologically and sustainable. Even it is determined that there is still a lot to do, we believe that every contribution to the environmental protection, no matter how small, pays.
We love Bavaria and want it to remain lovable, therefore we continue to work on this topic now and in the future.

Icon HerzOrganic certification 2012 and inclusion of organic products like our Bio-Kracherl, organic cheese, Bio-Wadlbeisser, organic bread, organic eggs and the fair-trade orange lemonade

Icon HerzPurchase of our groceries exclusively from regional and certified suppliers or manufacturers

Icon HerzSince 2016 the usage of an electric company vehicle

Icon HerzUse of ecological paper straws

Icon HerzComplete revision of our in-house waste scheme

Icon HerzMember of the „Ökoprofit-Umweltberatung“ and climate protection program for Munich companies

Icon HerzUse of 100% compostable take away boxes and paper bags

Icon HerzClimate neutralization in 2019 - Support for forest protection projects in Germany

Icon HerzUse of recycled paper in the entire office area